GFCF Breakfasts

Brainstorming List


__________Amyís Asian Noodle Stir-Fry (occasionally)

__________ANDI bars


__________Breakfast Bar (recipe in October Treats)

__________Ener-G crackers with sun buter

__________Ener-G Tapioca Rolls (from Healthy Grocer or online) made into sandwiches with:

__________††††† - Bacon (Natureís Promise)

__________††††† - Eggs

__________††††† - Boarís Head All-Natural Smoked Ham

__________French toast made with GFCF bread

__________Fresh fruit

__________GFCF bagels (including bagel mix from Miss Roben's or premade bagels) with Tofutti Cream cheese

__________GFCF pancakes (various mixes available)

__________GF Granola (recipe coming in August)

__________Glutino Pretzels dipped in soy nut butter

__________Gorilla Munch

__________Ham Sandwiches (Boarís Head Uncured)

__________Hard-boiled eggs

__________Koala Krisp

__________Lara Bars

__________Leapin' Lemurs (also from Enviro Kids as are the above two)

__________Leftover anything!

__________Nitrate free bacon (available various places and at Trader Joe's)

__________Nitrate free sausage (Costco has an all natural patty that's really good; other places have other kinds)

__________No-Grain Pancakes (recipe in Springtime Samplings)

__________Nutty Rice cereal (there are no nuts in it)

__________Panda Crispy rice bars

__________Panda Puffs

__________Scrambled eggs made with milk substitute or water

__________Smoothies with Soy yogurt

__________Soy yogurt


__________Trader Joes has GFCF granola and GFCF waffles

__________Vanís GFCF Waffles with

__________††††† - Syrup

__________††††† - Sun butter and honey

__________††††† - Peanut butter and jelly












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