GFCF Breakfasts
Brainstorming List

Van’s GFCF Waffles with
- Syrup
- Sun butter and honey
- Peanut butter and jelly
Hard-boiled eggs
Ener-G Tapioca Rolls (from Healthy Grocer or online) made into sandwiches with:
- Bacon (Nature’s Promise)
- Eggs
- Boar’s Head All-Natural Smoked Ham
Ham Sandwiches (Boar’s Head Uncured)
Fresh fruit
Nutty Rice cereal (there are no nuts in it)
Breakfast Bar (recipe in October Treats)
GF Granola (recipe coming in July)
No-Grain Pancakes (recipe in Springtime Samplings)
Ener-G crackers with sun buter
Leftover anything!
Amy’s Asian Noodle Stir-Fry (occasionally)
Glutino Pretzels dipped in soy nut butter
ANDI bar
GFCF bagels (including bagel mix from Miss Roben's or premade bagels) with Tofutti Cream cheese
Panda Puffs
Gorilla Munch
Koala Krisp
Leapin' Lemurs (also from Enviro Kids as are the above two)
Scrambled eggs made with milk substitute or water
Trader Joes has GFCF granola and GFCF waffles
Panda Crispy rice bars
GFCF pancakes (various mixes available)
French toast made with GFCF bread
Lara Bars
Nitrate free bacon (available various places and at Trader Joe's)
Nitrate free sausage (Costco has an all natural patty that's really good; other places have other kinds)
Smoothies with Soy yogurt
Soy yogurt